the mission

The French Heritage Society, a French cultural non-profit dedicated to the preservation of French architectural and cultural heritage sites, was looking for a revamped digital identity. 

With a wealth of information and 30+ years of restoration projects, the organization needed a web redesign to include both a strategic reassessment of how the organization was positioned and new visual and interactive approach to capture the younger, digitally native audience.

our solution

  • Website Redesign
  • Logo Revamp
  • Email Marketing Strategy

A modern website redesign with corresponding logo and e-mail branding empowers the organization to connect with a younger audience across all web platforms. 

Our strategic approach to presenting the vast array of content the organization had in its archives created a visually stunning website that is inviting and easy to explore. 

strategic website redesign

Our completely revamped French Heritage Society website,, invites loyal members and new visitors alike to explore, discover, and enjoy the incredible work of the organization.  The responsive visually engaging design works across all web viewing experiences—desktop, tablet, and mobile. Interactive map features showcase complex information in visually engaging ways, while marquis header visuals captivate the viewer. 

Our reorganized site navigation highlights essential information that excite the viewer and invites them to discover more, and hopefully join or support the organization. The design focuses on viewer engagement through the use of stunning visuals, a user-friendly design, and captivating content. With a destination pages for each local chapter of the French Heritage Society, the site serves as both a global resource and a local community destination. 

logo redesign

We streamlined and modernized the original logo (left) to the new, modern logo (right) to optimize for mobile and create a cleaner visual feel. The new logo captures both the heritage aspects and classic feel of the old logo, while updating it to render well on all digital platforms.

Previous FHS Logo

Previous FHS Logo

Our New FHS Logo

Our New FHS Logo

E-mail marketing template

We expanded the visual identity from the website redesign to the e-mail marketing templates for FHS so they could communicate with and build their subscriber base and keep them updated about core missions and initiatives.