the mission

Southwest France, one of the world’s oldest and most diverse wine regions, wanted to increase their visibility within the American wine market while creating a clear and unique brand identity.

We developed and implemented a comprehensive digital strategy and social media voice for the region through both careful content creation and curation. Targeted ads and giveaways were used to augment engagement and garner new followers while generating buzz for the region and its exceptional wines.

our solution

  • Multiplatform Social Media Ad Campaigns
  • Social Media Strategy and Content Creation

  • Strategic Partnership Creation

  • Event Activation

brand identity

The social media voice serves to reinforce Southwest France’s singular diversity, culture, gastronomy, landmarks, and people. Engaging lifestyle content shows that, in addition to producing exceptional wines, the region is known for its relaxed yet adventurous local culture. In Southwest France, wine is more than a drink—it is truly a way of life.


social media

We convey the allure of Southwest France and their wide array of wines on Twitter and Facebook with regularly alternating content areas that reinforce brand values. Press mentions are leveraged to reach the largest possible audience and spur engagement among our followers. Close media monitoring further ensures that Wines of Southwest France maintains an audible and influential voice within the Social Media sphere. Industry events are both promoted and subsequently converted into evergreen content. Targeted paid promotion is used to augment and excite our audience while continually strengthening the region’s brand identity.