Founded in 1935, the Lycée Français de New York has become known as one of the preeminent multi-lingual schools in New York CIty and nationwide.  In addition to education and children's programs, the Lycée also is home to an august cultural institution that holds a range of events with world-renowned artists, speakers, and intellectuals - it's a cornerstone of the education and cultural scene in NYC.  

The Lycée has a strong reputation in education and the arts, but without a holistic digital strategy or social expertise, the school and cultural institution turned to TDT for help.  TDT was an easy choice for the Lycée - we combine leading digital marketing strategy, along with a unique ability to translate cultural nuance effectively on social.  TDT has helped the Lycée with several campaigns to drive brand awareness, event attendance and signup. 


Lycée Open House

To drive awareness and attendance for the Lycée's Open House events, TDT created a custom audience profile, and a social campaign using images, slideshows, and videos.  



For the Lycée, we created an targeting profile that ensured that the school's niche content was seen by a relevant audience. We created a profile that combined careful geotargeting alongside over 50 behavioral and demographic interests.

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For each Lycée campaign, we tested numerous sets of creative and copy. By carefully monitoring and optimizing best-performing posts, we achieved a high degree of efficiency, and ensured the most impactful content was seen by the maximum number of fans.