the mission

Unilever needed to introduce Maille to the US consumer in a way that was accessible to the domestic audience, but also honored the brand’s French heritage.

TDT created a social strategy based around first telling the Maille story, and serving the brand's eCommerce goals. We continue to manage Maille’s social presence across 4 platforms, with great success based on our granular targeting and audience development, and through compelling social campaigns.  


our solution

  • Social Media Strategy and Content Creation
  • Multi Platform Social Campaigns
  • Custom Content
  • Influencer Campaigns
  • Email Campaigns
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Event Activations

Our comprehensive digital promotion strategy includes paid and earned media, social media, web, and social CRM.


Influencer Video Campaigns

To leverage the incredible engagement power of social video, and to help build compelling but relatable stories around Maille, we've included an ongoing series of influencer video on our content streams.  We've sourced influencers who have voice and authority among key Maille audiences - from long-time brand fans to younger, millennial foodies.  The results are powerful: millions and millions of views that support Maille's visibility goals, but also authentic engagement that lets Maille have a stronger connection with fans.  

maille social media—6 platforms

We launched and grew Maille's presence on four social media platforms with creative and engaging content and lush new product photos shot by our team.

Maille is now active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram

We created amazing partnerships with top chefs and leading food influencers to develop original recipes that showcase the Maille brand. 

social giveaways

Bi-monthly social giveaways, launched in 2015, drive impressive fan engagement and grow the Maille database in the US. 






a boutique, just for mustard

We launched a series of targeted digital campaigns to promote the opening of the New York Maille boutique, the first in the US,

Gorgeous boutique images and enticing promotional content, such as a giveaway for an all-inclusive gourmet weekend in New York, was used to pique interest in the new boutique. 

We combined display advertising with both organic and paid social media advertising targeted by location, demographics, and interess to attract a loyal clientele at both the local and national level.

Key partnerships were cultivated to help reach a wider audience through social media cross-promotion, emails, and newsletters.

Project Case Study—Maille Mustard Mobile

maille mustard mobile

What’s black and yellow, filled with delicious Dijon mustard, and travels on four wheels? Maille Mustard Mobile!

Our digital activation for the 2014 Maille Mustard Mobile Tour spread the word about the traveling truck, sharing delicious Dijon by the pump to over 20 cities. Dynamic social media activation and live truck tracking let people experience the excitement in real time, and shared the joy of savoring mustard and crunchy cornichons with all of Maille's US social fans. 

The first leg of the tour and newsletter launch more than tripled Maille's US Facebook fan following and populated a new newsletter database with over 12,000 interested subscribers. 


Targeted microsites at promoted engaging contests to win a year of free mustard or gourmet New York and Paris getaways and supported special initiatives like the Maille Mustard Mobile, hosting a truck tracking widget and the tasting truck itinerary. 

event activation

Engaging, fun brand ambassadors at the national stops on the US tour prompted smiles and gorgeous photos as truck visitors discovered the exquisite flavors of Maille. A brand pronounciation lesson made Maille theirs, as they shared images on social media with #mymaille.