What we Do

TDT is a boutique digital agency that leverages digital and social to engage, compel, and convert.  We combine creativity, art and technology to create social and digital campaigns that help brands get their message out.  

We work with our brand partners to create engaging content that amplifies brand messaging in authentic and relatable ways.  We help clients to define audiences, and then plan effective ways to target and engage those audiences.  We use best-in-class social insight to deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time, and finally, we follow a data-driven cycle of optimization based on continuous testing and refinement.  

TDT has extensive experience in the lifestyle / fashion / food+beverage space.  We are digital natives with backgrounds spanning art and technology; based in Brooklyn, NY, we combine global cultural perspective with deep digital strategy and platform-specific expertise.     

Fast, efficient, and inspired, we solve problems and make your vision real.


TDT is focused on:

  •  Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Snapchat Campaigns
  • Original Video and Photo Content Production

  • Influencer programs and campaigns

  • Audience and Market Research

  • Media campaigns

  • Partnership Programs

  • Contests and Events


Strategy + Content

Strategic planning starts with defining objectives and goals, and then roadmapping the path to reach them.  We work with clients to identify objectives for their brand (developing brand awareness, introducing new products, growing a fanbase, etc), then we set measurable KPIs to track (numbers of new followers, overall brand engagement).  

In addition to forward-thinking planning, we conduct a current-state brand identity analysis with our clients, to understand the brand story, and uncover how people currently perceive the product.  Social is about spreading an authentic message, so our content strategies are informed by a deep understanding of what our clients’ brands stand for.  

Audience + Community Development

Understanding who your audience is and how to engage them are crucial elements for effective social strategy.  TDT helps brands to define their audience demographics, what platforms they use, what content they consume, and what makes them convert.  Once we know our audience, we segment them to ensure that the right message is sent to the right user at the right time.  Finally, we offer full community and channel management with quick responses and issue resolution, ensuring that your brand fans always have an optimal experience on your social channels.  


Influencers + Event activations

influencers are undeniably powerful in the journey from awareness to purchase for today’s consumer, but not every social media star is right for every brand.  TDT helps brands use the most effective influencers, who drive real engagement and can promote your product in ways that are compelling, authentic, and on-brand.  We source global personalities to fit any niche, and our extensive experience in the influencer space allows us to keep influencer campaigns focused and efficient.  

TDT also creates events that amplify brand impact through tangible experiences.  We do a wide range of experiential marketing, including art installations for retail flagships, contests, food trucks, plus parties and dinners, and of course all of these events are promoted and amplified through digital.  


Data-Driven optimization

Optimization never stops.  TDT monitors likes, shares, comments, and engagement, and we measure what content and tactics generate the most buzz for your brand.  By constantly reviewing performance metrics, we ensure that your social presence is putting your best face forward, that your audience is talking about your brand in a positive way, and that we are delivering your message as effectively and efficiently as possible.  We provide our clients with comprehensive reporting on the activity and momentum of their social campaigns, highlighting any areas we recommend for improvement.  


Market Development

TDT has a track record of success in introducing global brands to the US market.  We’ve worked closely with leading wine regions and producers, specialty food brands, and cultural organizations, helping them to define and implement effective US market strategies.  We are skilled at creating content and messaging for global brands that is engaging for the US consumer, while honoring the brand’s cultural, historical or geographical heritage.