Maille, oh Maille! A Gourmet Mustard Dominated the Holiday Season


Maille, oh Maille! A Gourmet Mustard Dominated the Holiday Season

Maille’s holiday campaign results reveal that the gourmet mustard dominated the food industry on Facebook and Instagram.

Maille bacon wrapped brussel sprouts.PNG

Maille’s campaign ran from November 15 to December 31 and focused on the accessibility of its product and all of the great ways that you can enhance the flavor profile of a dish.

Recipes varying from zucchini buds, salmon crostini’s, and crispy potato balls were sprinkled throughout the campaign and struck up thousands of conversations. Their bacon wrapped brussels sprouts recipe received over 5,500 likes and 3,100 shares on Facebook. That’s more engagement than some competing brands received throughout their entire campaigns.

Maille’s Campaign Strategy


TDT has been working with the brand for 6 years now. For this campaign, Maille wanted people to impress their friends and family by using their mustard as a magic ingredient. They wanted people to understand that by just adding a spoonful of Maille to their cooking makes it taste amazing.

Maille also wanted to encapsulate the holidays, posting images of various of hors d’oeuvres like avocado dip and deviled eggs. Some images are even paired with cocktails, such as their apple and gouda canapes. Maille’s social platforms provide these recipes and many others.

Maille apple and gouda canapes.PNG

“Oh, my golly…” one Facebook user commented. “Everything is so beautiful. Enjoy your time together this wonderful Christmas season!!!”

TDT approached Maille’s campaign by meticulously selecting its bloggers and the overall visual quality of what they were producing. They emphasized that the product was festive and that the recipes needed to be quick and easily replicable.

The bloggers involved were also given creative freedom in determining how best to represent the product.

As a premium mustard brand, Maille is well known by foodies. However, Maille wanted to reach a broader audience and extend their target market to reach people easier. Despite being a premium brand, at around $4, it’s still a very affordable treat.

TDT also focused on boosting posts and used data-driven targeting during the campaign. They started by investing a dedicated amount of money. Based on the results, determined what got the most traction and what needed to be improved. Analyzing these results was a daily task throughout Maille’s campaign.

By combining mouth-watering imagery, simple, yet elevated recipes, and detailed data analytics, TDT helped Maille’s campaign become a rousing success.

Maille on Instagram

Maille IG engagement.PNG
Maille IG Benchmark data.PNG

During their Instagram campaign, Maille trounced its competitors, which included French’s, Ben and Jerry’s and Sir Kensington’s. Maille posted 17 times and received an average engagement of 6,572 likes, comments, and shares, totaling at 111,719. The gourmet mustard’s average engagement received roughly 4,900 more reactions than the competitor’s mean.

Maille’s best posts included Honey Mustard Glazed Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts, Apple Gouda Canapes with Cranberry Mustard Sauce, and its Vegan Avocado Mustard Dip. The three earned 48,728 likes/engagements combined, as well as more than 2 million impressions.

Maille’s closest competitor, Ben and Jerry’s, reached a higher total engagement overall. However, they also posted 11 more times than Maille did during their campaign and earned an average of 900 fewer reactions per post.

Maille on Facebook


On Facebook, the competition didn’t even come close:

Maille Facebook engagement.PNG
Maille Facebook Benchmark data.PNG

Maille’s engagement was 34 times higher on Facebook compared to the benchmark’s average. The bacon wrapped brussels sprouts recipe alone made close to 11,000 likes/engagements and over half a million impressions. Receiving 3,100 shares for a single post is practically unheard of in the foodie category.


Maille’s Campaign Success is No Fluke

Timing plays a significant role in marketing campaigns, and this time around everything aligned perfectly. However, Maille’s campaign success is mainly attributed to a growing interest in the brand and learning what’s worked for Maille over time.

Maille has added an additional winter campaign to their roster after the results for their holiday campaign came in. Their Honey Dijon Carrots recipe has already received over 18,000 likes on Instagram.

Maille carrot recipe.PNG