Deloitte Digital reports 64% of in-store sales were influenced by digital in 2015—if you're not marketing for brick-and-mortar online, you're falling behind...

A digital presence on social doesn't necessarily translate to brick and mortar sales. How do you communicate effectively to an audience to get them into a store? You have to create a call-to-action that is irresistible.

Word Choice

On social media, attention spans are limited—you have to capture your audience in a few seconds or else they’ll move on as quickly as you can say “like”.

You have to actively engage the audience with the first word—but what word should you choose? Be friendly and invitational with your words such as join, discover, enjoy so that the audience feels like they’re welcome to the store. Make them feel like a friend rather than just a prospective customer so they are inclined to visit—because on digital, it is not just about the "buy" button anymore. Establish a thoughtful relationship by choosing your words wisely.

Offer An Incentive


Give the reason they should come into the store now—timeliness is key. Is there a special offer such as a free item or a sale? Offering a limited time incentive is a great way to drive foot traffic because it piques the interest of people and drives immediate action. It also raises you above the competition that just straightforwardly (and wrongly) asks people to shop. 

For example, “Join us today only for a tasting of cocktails made with our mango vinegar,” provides the offer (“tasting of cocktails”), a specific product (“mango vinegar”), and timeframe (“today”). By also introducing a name of a product in your call-to-action, you are giving a suggestion so that it is on their mind once they enter the store. Thereby, if they decide to go to the store and enjoy the product, they’ll hopefully purchase it.

Store Information

Providing details of the physical store itself is important. If you’re driving traffic to a particular branch, give the address and when the offer expires so the audience knows the specifics. If they don’t know where and when to go, then they won’t go. It may seem simple and it is.

Once you break down your call to action to the three parts–word choice, offer, and store information, you can piece them together effectively and with practice, efficiently, to get people into the store. Depending on your brand, you can play around with what works and what doesn’t. A strong call-to-action represents a good opportunity to be a part of the digital trend–so go on and get to it.  


About the Author

Raymart is a Social Media Manager at TDT who loves NYCFC, Kpop, and doughnuts. His spiritual social media channel is Instagramand he craves food all the time. Mostly doughnuts.