The Solution

TDT created a cross-platform social campaign that leveraged paid and organic media, including a range of influencer collaborations.  We succeeded in spreading the word about TPC's amazing product line to millions and millions of relevant consumers.

The Challenge

Trois Petits Cochons makes some of the best charcuterie anywhere in the world. Plus, the brand was a pioneer in creating old-style, classic French charcuterie in NYC.  The brand needed to tell it's story at scale, and introduce new customers to it's old-world quality product.


Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 4.35.34 PM.png


To help give authenticity to our paid promotion, TDT created an influencer campaign that stretched over Spring/Summer through Holiday/Entertaining. 

We worked with 25 influencers, and had each create their personal take on a unique way to use Trois Petits Cochons product. The result was hundreds of thousands of organic impressions, plus many more boosted impressions. We also got great content from our influencers which was used in subsequent paid campaigns. 

This meant we had maximum efficiency, getting organic influencer posts plus tons of content we could re-use on the brand's owned channels. 

Focus: Instagram

Trois Petits Cochons had a wealth of great product imagery on it's Instagram feed. But while it's existing fans were highly engaged, the Instagram account was not reaching the scale that the brand wanted.

TDT created a growth plan that included custom targeting across a range of demographics and interests, to figure out the best possible audience for the brand's content. We also experimented with multiple ad objectives, and tested a range of creative concepts.  

The result was an Instagram reach that stretched into the hundreds of thousands each month, for a minimal budget. TDT combined targeting, testing, and a range of creative combinations to help Trois Petits Cochons achieve the kind of reach the brand deserved, with it's Instagram-friendly products.